Media streaming is the simultaneous transmission and playing of video and audio data over a network. Sound Company in Vienna can offer you solutions by many brand name companies that are tailor-made for your needs ‒ from Meridian´s SOOLOOS to Primare and Cambridge through to LINN.

Ground-breaking technology

The Akurate, Series 5, Majik and Kiko systems promise perfect sound quality. Whether BluRay movie or CD, the equipment ensures perfect data transmission with constantly good play quality. You are in good hands with us even, or perhaps especially, if you have no particular affinity to technology: our solutions combine functionality with modern technology and we assemble, install and configure them ourselves on site – and you can just enjoy the music.

Just listen – hear for yourself and trust your ears

At the Media Streaming centre in our salesroom in Vienna you can test and compare all the hi-fi and stereo systems. Take your time and listen to the sound and you will notice the difference yourself – your ears cannot be tricked. We are happy to advise you in an extended conversation on the individual components and will find overall solutions with you for your home music base in Vienna. We can provide you with all the equipment.

Feel free to call us or send a non-binding enquiry ‒ Sound Company in 1070 Vienna!


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