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High-quality record players

Record players are right back in fashion. Those black discs awaken memories in us of past times and we are immediately nostalgic. You will find a carefully selected range of record players in all price categories at our shop in Westbahnstrasse so that you can really enjoy playing your LPs.

Analogue sound from the record, still the benchmark!

A touch of nostalgia surrounds the good old records but still, or perhaps precisely because of this, they have a special charm for music lovers. Is it the warm, full sound, the attractive feel or is it just because music has a lot to do with memory and playing a record awakens all those feelings? It is probably a mixture of all these things. At Sound Company in Vienna we are certainly paying attention to the record trend and are selling record players that promise a unique sound experience.

Record players with new technologies

We put our trust in the brand-name quality of different manufacturers, including LINN and Pro-Ject. Our record players are fitted with the latest technology and some even have a USB socket. We would be happy to welcome you to our showroom in Vienna for a free trial.

Do you have old records you can’t bear to part with? Sound Company also offers record cleaning to gently and efficiently clean your favourite records.


Find the right record player for your favourite records at Sound Company in 1070 Vienna!

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